Our philosophy

Medium-sized companies, their executives as well as boards, managing directors and managers as well as shareholders are at the core of our consultancy. We speak the language of entrepreneurs and always observe the decisive factor of economic efficiency.

Especially such clients mandate us, who

  • Place value on many years of experience in difficult situations of negotiation and conflicts
  • Appreciate advisors with own experience as in-house lawyers
  • Strive for quick and efficient solution of problems and wish to avoid court trials as far as possible
  • Look for advisors who are used to negotiate at eye level with internationally orientated well-known business partners and entrepreneurs
  • Expect first-rate implementation skills
  • Demand excellent advisory, but are not willing to pay exaggerated hourly fees
  • In case of inevitable court trials wishes to be assured being accompanied by lawyers who act economical efficiently, with tactical skills and the experience as trial lawyer or as well as former judge