Concept of the outsourced legal department

The concept of the outsourced legal department is based on the longtime know-how inter alia as in-house lawyers. We do not only know the management´s language. Due to the close cooperation with the management, we are used to find practical solutions. According to our experience, it is not sufficient to implement legal evaluations quickly and with legal certainty and elaborate excellent contracts. Such goes without saying for us, however is only the first step. Much more decisive is the perfect implementation within the subsequent negotiations which we support closely, most times in the background.

A further element of the concept of the outsourced legal department is the cooperation with legal specialists, if necessary from time to time, even on international level. Should it occur that we cannot offer specialized expertise in the relevant field of law, we look for a suitable legal expert, appoint one diligently for the client and accompany the expert very closely. Due to our deepened knowledge about the company and the legal questioning we are able to preprocess the relevant aspects for the expert in order to reduce the efforts of the expert and to safeguard the quality of the working results and furthermore the optimal implementation of the evaluation results of the involved expert.

Appointments of specialized experts, nationwide or international, are always based on the particularities of the case and the needs of the client.